My name is Jeff Stephan, and I am the founding partner in California Avenue Productions.  You may have read on the home page how this company came about...  I worked in the movie business for a few years.  I got hooked in the 80's while modeling in Paris.  I was stopped on the street and asked if I wanted to be an extra in a movie.  It was called UNTIL SEPTEMBER, with Karen Allen and Thierry Lhermitte.   It was fun, Karen was sweet. Once I moved to Pittsburgh in 1985, I started doing extra work until I told the local casting folks that I wanted to get closer to the action.  I was a stand-in for Walter Matthau on a made for T.V. movie with Harry Morgan.  Also, Nick Nolte in Lorenzo's Oil.  Susan Sarandon, love her.  

Things took a big turn once I worked on Striking Distance as Bruce Willis's stand-in.  Right after that I had to head to Los Angeles!  Bruce was nice enough to get me on his next 5 films including Nobody's Fool with Paul Newman and Jessica Tandy, Pulp Fiction and Die Hard 3.  I met John Travolta on Pulp Fiction and stayed in touch.  I then worked with him on Get Shorty and Broken Arrow, where I played the role of Shepherd.  

All this fun had to come to an end, I had to get home to my wife and start a family, life was flying by.  In 1995 I came home and in 1997 we had our boy Jeffrey II.  I missed the business for years.  When I watched award shows it made me sad that I wasn't a part of that machine, just as I had been in the Marine Corps.  All of those craftsmen and women doing their part to bring this big picture to the masses.  I really missed it.

Stories started coming to me, from everywhere.  I sold real estate and would find stories in the house, historical documents, photos, etc.  I stayed up late at night doing research on things I had found.  I put items into the hands of the people they needed to end up with.  Then, as you read up front, I was on Facebook one day in 2011 and came across Robert W. Morgan, the rest as they say, is history.  I not only have just Robert's work, but others I represent and am ready to share.  Let's talk.