Jeffrey Stephan with Robert W. Morgan; Screenplays and Manuscripts

 California Avenue Productions was formed in 2011 after a chance meeting on my high school Facebook page with author Robert W. Morgan.                             (Once you read the bio ... ) I saw this man who  had just published a book titled CITIZEN SPY.  Sounded interesting.  I bought it, read it, then contacted Robert to let him know that I thought it would make a great movie.  Since then we have been collaborating on the many projects Robert worked on for years.  Most notably, his contract with his good friend Frank A. (Fiorini) Sturgis to write the many stories from Frank's personal and confidential files.   You remember Frank, the guy who helped Castro overthrow Batista in Cuba.  When he found out Castro was in with the Russians, he spent the rest of his days working with and training Cuban exiles to some day go back and take Fidel and Raoul out.   The man on the grassy knoll?  Frank says otherwise.  The man who according to Marita Lorenz was in a caravan with Oswald and some Cubans with a trunk load of weapons on the road to Dallas the day before the Kennedy assassination?  Frank tells a different story.  Seems like his life was punch; counter-punch.  Always blamed for some incident somewhere in the world.    From assassinations of foreign leaders, to the overthrow of governments in lands far from the U.S.,  Frank's name seemed to surface either at the time or many years afterwards.  We have his up close and personal story as told in private to a very close friend and excellent writer Robert W. Morgan.  The time is right to tell the story of Frank's lifelong quest to bring democracy to the people of the world ruled by violent dictators.  CALIFORNIA AVENUE PRODUCTIONS, LLC would like to partner with an experienced producer to bring this amazing story to light.  All files, video and audio tapes (Conversations with E. Howard Hunt, Marita Lorenz, Steve Czukas, Gaeton Fonzi, Diaz Lanz, Edwin Kaiser and more) photos, etc. available for viewing at the office of our attorney. Please see contact information at the top of the page.  See link below to the Lies Our Father's Told Us proposal.  

In addition, you will find below the one-sheet on crime writer Brian Weakland's "The Bookie", based on the true story of Pittsburgh's own Tony Grosso.  A legendary numbers boss who ran the largest criminal enterprise in American history right here from Pittsburgh.  Screenplay available upon request.